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Transcript from deposition, Humanity v. God

Oil painting of God depicted as a king on a throne with Mary and Jesus to his right and left, respectively
God the Father Enthroned, detail (public domain)

Plaintiffs’ Attorney: Please state your name.

Defendant: Yahweh

PA: Age?

D: Eternal

PA: Occupation?

D: Almighty God

PA: And you also go by the alias Heavenly Father?

D: Sure.

PA: Mr. Yahweh —

D: No mister.

PA: Beg pardon?

D: No “mister.” Just Yahweh.

PA: OK then, “Yahweh,” regarding complaint…

The counter-Christian game within the counter-capitalist game

Three brown hen’s eggs wrapped with plastic decals featuring cartoons of Jesus and writing in Korean
Korean Easter eggs (photo by Piotr Konieczny)

Note: Spoilers out the wazoo

The 2021 Korean mini-series Squid Game may be the most pointed critique of capitalism this century has yet produced. It’s certainly the most popular.

In the squidverse, a handful of pointlessly wealthy, cartoonishly decadent patriarchs lord it over a caste of faceless middle-managers who eke…

Paul Thomas Zenki

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